Knives of Alaska Light Hunter Knife Combo - Black - $189.99

Crafted by Alaskan guide and biologist Charles Allen, Knives of Alaska are made to handle the roughest abuse and skinning chores professionals could put them through in some of the most challenging conditions on the planet. Each has been extensively field-tested by experts on hunts around the globe to ensure it is worthy of the Knives of Alaska name. Youll find a knife in this series to handle any in-the-field need. Only the finest blade steels are used in the Knives of Alaska Series. The combo pairs the Light Hunter skinning knife with the favorite Cub Bear caping knife. This pair keeps weight to a minimum, yet has the heft to take on heavy-duty field-dressing jobs. The Light Hunter has a deep finger groove and a nonslip thumbrest for comfort when skinning, and it has a large gut hook to prevent hair from balling up. The overall length is 7-1/2 with a 4-1/4 cutting edge. Select from rubberized or stag handle. The Cub Bear is a lightweight caping knife with finger notches in front of the handle. Overall length is 6-1/2 with 2-3/4 cutting edge. Color: Black. Type: Knife Sets. - $189.99