KMC X10SL Chain - 10-Speed - $69.00

The KMC X10SL Gold 10-Speed Chain employs a high-tech titanium-nitride coating that does two great things in addition to looking hot: First, it increases the life of the chain by reducing stretch and increasing its surface hardness. The second thing is the titanium nitride holds lube on its surface better, which means less maintenance work for you and an increase in service life for your chain. In addition to these first two points, the X10SL Gold has hollow link pins and perforations on the inner and outer plates. These weight saving reductions of excess material will save you about 70-80 grams over a typical 10-speed chain. The outer plates have chamfered inner surfaces to ensure smooth shifting from cog to cog.The KMC X10Sl Gold 10-Speed Chain comes with a quick-connecting link for easy assemble and service. Its 5.88mm width allows compatibility with any 10-speed drivetrain system from Campagnolo, Shimano, or SRAM. - $69.00