Kinetic Road Machine Fluid Bike Trainer - $339.00

Kinetic Road Machine is a top-end trainer, offering a super-quiet ride, realistic resistance, burly durability and accurate progressive performance. From sprints, to intervals, to a long cruise, the powertap calibration gives you the truest simulation of an outdoor ride. As you change speeds, the resistance adjusts automatically from 5 to 3,000 watts. Sealed fluid chamber features a magnetically coupled driveshaft. Thermodynamically neutral silicon resistance fluid results in consistent resistance at multiple temperatures. Eighty cooling fins dissipate heat for the coolest operating temperature. 6 lb. 4 oz. flywheel provides realistic coast down. Larger-than-average 2-1/8 in. roller reduces tire wear. Trapezoidal frame base provides maximum stability; frame is robotically welded to ensure the trainer holds your bike level. Cone cups ensure that your bike will never slip out of this trainer, no matter how hard you sprint; fits 99% of OEM skewers. Patented quick-release lock allows easy, fast setup and removal. Compatible with all bikes with 22 - 29 in. diameter wheels. Approved for tandem use. Trainer folds in half for easy transport and off-season storage. Includes a Spinnerval Original workout DVD. DVD also includes Kinetic trainer assembly instructions and directions for mounting your bike on the trainer. - $339.00