Kinetic Cyclone Bike Trainer - $219.00

The Kinetic Cyclone bike trainer harnesses the natural resistance of wind and offers a realistic road-feel and coast-down to make training a breeze. Dual fans and 2.2 lbs. flywheels create realistic resistance and a 5 sec. coast-down to maximize road-like feel during your training. Resistance is speed-sensitive from 5 - 1,000+ watts; roller is precisely machined to reduce tire wear. Works with all bikes with 22 - 29 in. diameter wheels (22 in. minimum when measuring the diameter of the wheel/tire combination). Welded frame is trapezoidal to provide maximum stability and hold your bike level; folds down for easy transport and storage. The Kinetic Cyclone bike trainer employs a quick-release locking mechanism that allows for fast setup and takedown; comes with QR skewer. - $219.00