Kimber PepperBlaster II - $39.99

This is that latest generation of less-lethal personal-defense products with exciting new innovations. An ergonomic grip makes it an extension of your arm. Front and rear sights let you aim it like a gun. The improved swing-away trigger guard reduces risk of accidental discharge. This unit shoots an extremely potent nonaerosol solution using a revolutionary pyrotechnic delivery system capable of accuracy and force sufficient to penetrate facemasks and wraparound glasses. The 10% OC solution is mixed with benzyl alcohol for increased viscosity. It causes severe irritation and temporary blindness that can last up to 45 minutes, giving you time to get away. The unit fires the solution up to 13 ft. at speeds up to 90 mph, greatly increasing effectiveness in wind, reducing blowback and giving an assailant no time to react. Unlike some conventional delivery systems, PepperBlaster II won't lose pressure over time. It's an outstanding personal-defense option for college students, joggers, hikers, commuters and anyone else wanting the ability to defend against an attack. - $39.99