KHE Macetoam Complete Adult Bike Black 20in - $389.95

The KHE Maceto AM Complete Bike gives good performance in racing either on road ramp or on dirt ramps. These bikes have TRAX PRISM 2.00"wheels. The body of the bikes is made up with light material to improve the results of the bikes. The KHE Maceto AM Complete Bike is ideal for beginners either for tracks or for dirt jumping. The most featured part of the bicycle is it body. Bikes body: Park geometry (TT 20.5"). SE Maceto AM Complete Bikes are good for flatland free style, dirt jumping and vert or vertical ramps.Key Features of the KHE Maceto AM Complete Adult Bike: Frame: Park geometry (TT 20.5") Fork: 11/8" Stem: KHE Affix, aluminum, A-Head Handlebar: 2-pc Crank: 3-pc, CrMo, B/B Sprocket: 25T Pedals: PVC, B/B Seat: KHE Exhib combo Wheels: KHE Easy-O doublewall aluminum rims, 14mm, 36H, black Freewheel: 9T cassette hub Tires: TRAX PRISM 2.00" Extras: chain tensioners, two pair pegs Weight: 12.4kg / 27.3337lbs (w/o pegs) - $389.95