Kennedy Framed Letter Prints - $99.99

Are you looking for a special way to personalize a name Whether you have a house full of big-game hunters or die-hard fishermen, now you can personalize a print just for them. These black and white prints are done on a fine art canvas and are framed in a black polystyrene frame. Using various images of horses, antlers or fishing tackle that form the shape of a letter of the alphabet, you can spell the name or word of your choice using three to 11 letters. If the name or word has two of the same letters in it, the images will not be duplicated and will have a different image of the letter. Made in USA.Size: 11" x 30", 13-1/2" x 32-1/2" (framed).Available: Fly-Fishing, Antler, Fishing Tackle (Cabela's Exclusive), Horse.Note: Size will vary depending on number of characters in the personalization. - $99.99