Kelty Sleep Eazy Air Bed - $96.93

The Kelty Sleep Eazy air bed includes an easy-to-use rechargeable pump for a comfortable night of blissful slumber. PVC-free, 70-denier nylon is laminated to thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU); puncture-resistant construction stands up well to the rigors of travel and camping. Material is stretch resistant to provide constant air pressure and comfort. Rechargeable 6V pump rapidly inflates air bed; plug pump into car lighter or charge at home for cordless operation at camp. The rechargeable pump valve twists and locks into place for inflation or deflation; when locked into place pump will not detach from the mattress. Kelty Sleep Eazy air bed rolls up and stores compactly in the included Kelty Binto storage bag. Queen fits standard queen-size sheets; twin fits standard twin-size sheets. - $96.93