Kelty Cooler Binto Bag - 1400cu in - $20.76

Its so hot at the lake the water doesnt cool you down. Good thing you brought the Kelty Cooler Binto Bag crammed with ice and cool, bubbling refreshments. This PVC-free cooler holds up to 28 twelve-ounce cans, and its waterproof lining works with hot or cold items. Once you get to the shady beach, set down the freestanding Cooler Binto, open the U-shaped top opening, and wait for your buddy to show up with his pontoon boat. Once his caty-wampus catamaran beaches, haul the Binto on board with the shoulder strap or top handle. If it flies overboard in an aquatic accident, whoever finds it can return it to the address in the ID sleeve. - $20.76