Kelsey Collection Kindling Lodgebox - $149.99

Art belongs on more than just your walls. The functional, Kindling Lodgebox solves your storage needs, while adding decorative effects no other storage pieces can match. The sturdy box frame and top is constructed of hearty pine with a rich, oil-stained finish. Fitted with giclee canvas art prints, each produced by some of the most popular works from well-known outdoor artists. Assembles in less than 10 minutes. Dimensions: 12H x 18W x 12D Weight: 8.5 lbs. Available: Abandoned Farmstead by Rosemarry Millette Autumn Reflections by Rosemary Millette Bait House by Terry Redlin Canoe/Camp by Terry Redlin (not shown) Daybreak Whitetails by Rosemarry Millette (not shown) Dusty Plains by Rosemary Millette Man Dog by Terry Redlin Meadow Music by Rosemary Millette October Mist by Rosemary Millette Prairie Wings by Rosemary Millette Reflections of Autumn by David Maass Running Free Horses by Chris Cummings Type: Storage. Design Man & Dog. - $149.99