Kelly Kettle Scout - Stainless Steel - $37.88

Trace the Kelly Kettle roots back to Irelands fishing-guide hospitality of sharing a warm drink and meal with friends and fellow anglers alike. Today, Kelly Kettles are used for anything from camping and hunting trips to disaster- and emergency-preparedness kits and family picnics. Made of stainless steel, the unique design of the Kelly Kettle Scout harnesses the power of an enclosed fire base and chimney to boil over one liter of water in a matter of minutes. Fill the included fire base with tinder and kindling or an alcohol burner (not included), place the filled kettle on top of the fire base and light the fuel through the bases vent hole. The water held in the double-walled chamber comes to a quick boil as the fire base vents heat up through the center chimney. Safely pour the water out through the kettles side spout using the handle and chain. Turn the fire base upside down and store it inside the kettles bottom for packing. Includes nylon drawstring carry case. Do not use without water in the chamber. Imported. Capacity: 37.2 fl. oz. Weight: 2.2 lbs. Packed dimensions: 10.2H x 7.3 dia. Set-up dimensions: 11.8H x 7.3 dia. Color: Stainless Steel. - $37.88