Keep Alive Aerators - $74.99

As the official aerator of more than 1,000 catch-and-release tournaments nationwide, Keep Alive knows a thing or two about keeping fish alive in the confines of a livewell or holding tank. These high-performance 12-volt aerators easily adapt to an ice chest or bait bucket with suction cups or choose the floating model for use anywhere. Air is infused with the water at the pump impeller, which produces millions of microfine bubbles that are sent gently out of the pump and into the livewell. These tiny bubbles are able to remain suspended in the water longer, resulting in more dissolved oxygen and more thorough aeration. Excellent for both freshwater and saltwater. Six-month manufacturers warranty. Available: 460 gph - Original with suction cups 460 gph - Floating 1,100 gph - Original with suction cups - $74.99