Keep Alive Replacement Filters - $7.88

Upgrade your KeepAlive aerator with these filters to keep your water clean and your bait healthy for extended periods of time. The KA307 filter (replaces standard KA305 filter) has a large surface area that collects scales and slime. No worries about bait choking on debris. The filter removes easily for cleaning. The KA308 filter is the perfect companion for the KA307 and is ideal for use in coolers. It ensures additional filtration and prevents small bait from hiding under the KA307 filter. Just rinse your reusable filters in freshwater at the end of the day and youre ready for another day of fishing. Not required, but using both filters in combination is recommended. Available: Pump filter - KA307, Tank filter - KA308. Gender: Male. Age Group: Adult. - $7.88