Kavu Chilliwack Pant - Men's - $41.22

The drive from Seattle to Anchorage is an adventure in and of itself, so the next time you decide to tackle the Alcan Highway, make sure you wear your ultra-rugged, super-durable Kavu Chilliwack Pants. Should you decide to stop for a hike near Hope, BC, the pants sturdy cotton canvas fabric provides a tough barrier between your skin and the thorny Devils Club underbrush. When it comes time to nap next to the sign-post forest in Watson Lake, YK, the Chilliwacks pajama-like feel provides serious comfort as you cram your tired body in the back of your pickup truck. And even though youve already been at it for three days, the Chilliwacks dont mind pushing through another night to knock out that long stretch between Whitehorse and the Alaskan border. - $41.22