Karakoram Split 30 Snowboard Binding - $599.95

Look, it's not that there's anything wrong with the bindings you have, they're probably just finefor the resort. But when you head out into the backcountry, nothing compares with the Karakoram Split 30 Snowboard Binding, which makes it easier than ever to climb to the top, and once you're there it provides unprecedented control and confidence that will change the way you view the backcountry. It's designed strictly for splitboarding and works exclusively with Karakoram's clips and system for seamless performance. The lightweight baseplate connects to the board in ride mode through five attachment points to create a stiff connection and eliminate chatter. Thanks to the separated plates on the ride mode interface and an open binding chassis, you can actually feel your board's torsional flex beneath your feet, improving control and precision. And as you ride down through acres of fresh pow you can rest assured that you haven't left any crucial components in the snow at the summit, because you switched from tour to ride mode with a simple flip of a lever at the heel. - $599.95