K2 SideSeth Climbing Skins - $159.93

Designed exclusively for the K2 SideSeth skis (sold separately), these K2 climbing skins feature an innovative attachment system to reduce weight and friction. Improved for 2012/2013, the minamalist design of the Z-Clip tip attachments keeps weight low and helps prevent snow from building up where the skins meet the skis. Z-Clip attachments easily hook onto the holes at the tips of K2 skis. Adjustable tail straps interface with the tail holes on K2 skis to secure the skins; clips sit on top of the skis rather than at the back to reduce drag. Choose the length that matches your ski length; width of the skin is pretrimmed to match the sidecut of the K2 SideSeth skis. K2 SideSeth climbing skins include Glue Saver mesh storage sheets, detailed instructions and a nylon storage bag. - $159.93