K2 Sidekick Skis - $349.95

Built with All Terrain Rocker You know the type: powerful, smooth, playful and confident. The SideKick is 108mm at the waist and damn proud of it. And with a booty that big, you expect her to be powerful and confident on the deep days. But the girl is quick too. Credit the All-Terrain Rocker that's drawn back towards the binding for her ability to float through the trees with carefree agility. Her rare blend of power and nimbleness results in a super friendly, inviting demeanor that's hard not to like. * CONDITION: 70% Powder / 30% Variable * Triaxial Braid * Hybritech Sidewall * Aspen/Paulownia/Bamboo - Bioflex 3 * WEIGHT: 1970g * RADIUS: 21m @ 167 - $349.95