K2 Recoil Skis - $324.95

Taking the lead from legends such as the PE and Extreme, the all-new K2 Recoil Ski is built as a high performance all-mountain tool, solid enough to take a beating on the rowdiest terrain in the park yet powerful enough to charge the entire resort. The addition of All-Terrain Rocker keeps it nimble and the 90mm waist increases its ability to handle everything in your way.Key Features of the K2 Recoil Skis: Built with All-Terrain Rocker Bi-Directional Tip/Tail Hardware SchizoFrantic Inserts Swap Base PERFORMANCE: All-Mountain: 50%, Park: 50% CONSTRUCTION: ABSorbTwinTech Sidewall, Triaxial Braided Fir/Aspen Core RADIUS: 20m @ 179/ Bi-Directional Taper RECOMMENDED BINDING OPTIONS: Griffon SchizoFrantic, Squire SchizoFrantic or flat TIP/WAIST/TAIL WIDTH: 121/90/115 - $324.95