K2 Pettitor Ski - $524.96

The K2 Pettitor Ski preys on big-mountain lines, powder, and any opportunity to go airborne. This is the stiffest ski in K2's Factory Team series, and it was made that way by K2 team skier Sean Pettit. Because this is Mr. Pettit's pro-model ski, he called the shots when it came to design and shape. Sean moved the rocker contact points closer together to create maneuverability and reduce swing weight, and he balanced the playfulness of tip and tail rocker with the control of traditional camber underfoot. The Pettitor will reward your breakneck straight lines and too-burly airs by delivering you back to the tram deck safelyit might look evil, but it really has a heart of powdery gold. - $524.96