K2 Party Ski Pole - $51.95

This 2-piece adjustable, aluminum Party Pole features a state of the art "upside down" lockjaw adjustment located directly under the grip. This creates one pole that you can ski short in the park and longer on the deeper days. This Party Pole would not be complete without the dual durometer, low profile grips, adjustable straps and a Cross Tip, designed to work with the K2/Marker Schizo binding system, for on the fly binding adjustments. The name says it all, as after skiing, Partying is what we do best. Key Features of the K2 Party Ski Pole: 6061 Aluminum Construction Upside Down Lockjaw Adjustment Low Profile Dual Durometer Grip Adjustable Velcro Strap Hard-Snow Baskets SIZES: 40-54 inch (100-135 cm) - $51.95