K2 One Luv Skis - $298.95

The K2 One Luv is a designed for intermediate to advanced women skiers. It offers a smooth and stable ride through even rough conditions while excelling in powder. As an all-mountain ski with the All Terrain Rocker you can feel comfortable on piste or weaving through trees with its great responsiveness and know the whole time that you are the envy of the other skiers. For an exciting time on the mountain K2's One Luv skis might be your true love.Key Features of the K2 One Luv Skis: Terrain Category: 90/10 Sidecut: 118/ 74/ 103 Radius: 14 Construction: Torsion Box Cap Core Bioflex Mod Monic Mod Technology Hard Snow: 7 Crud: 7 Powder: 9 Moguls: 7 Aggressiveness: 7 - $298.95