K2 Obsethed Skis - $437.95

Seth designed a ski to handle the steepest and deepest terrain with power and confidence. The K2 Obsethed Ski is built with a Powder Rocker tip for incredible floatation and an All-Terrain tail for a larger landing platform. Narrower and stiffer underfoot than the Hellbent, it is the ideal tool for fast lines and big mountain charging. Whether you're scoping fun mini-golf lines, sending 50 footers, or shredding AK peaks, the obSETHed is your ski.* Built with Powder Rocker (tip) and All-Terrain Rocker (tail) * Progressive sidecut * SchizoFrantic Inserts * Powder Tip * Tip/Tail Hardware * Pre-cut Skins * Swap Base * PERFORMANCE: Powder: 80%, Park: 20% * CONSTRUCTION: TwinTech Sidewall-Triaxial Braided Fir/Aspen Core * RADIUS: 23m @ 179/ Directional Taper * RECOMMENDED BINDING (not included): Griffon SchizoFrantic or flat * TIP/WAIST/TAIL WIDTH: 146/117/134 - $437.95