K2 Missconduct Skis w/ Marker 10.0 Free Bindings - $370.95

This ski's All-Terrain Rocker and 85mm waist width make it lightweight, snappy off lips and stable in the pipe, while its women's-specific core keeps the swing weight low and the amplitude high. This winning combination makes it no surprise that the MissConduct is found on the biggest podiums of the year in both women's slopestyle and women's halfpipe events.Key Features of the K2 Missconduct Skis w/ Marker 10.0 Free Bindings: Dimensions: 118/85/109 All-Terrain Rocker Tip/Tail All Mountain: 60% Park: 40% Radius: 15m@ 159cm Twin Tech Sidewall Triaxial Braid Cap Bioflex 2 Rivets - $370.95