K2 Kung Fujas Ski - $487.46

The K2 Kung Fujas Ski has a smooth, poised feeling underfoot, a certain powerful playfulness, and it's laced with a material similar to the versatile, innovative DNA that made Pep Fujas an institution in the world of freeskiing. And go figure, this ski was actually designed by Backcountry.com and K2 athlete Pep Fujas himself (so you know it's good). Durable sandwich construction shrugs off abusive, rough terrain and delivers edging power in icy chutes, the aspen and paulownia core pops like a can of soda shaken at high altitude, and tip and tail attachments hold skins so securely you'd swear they were welded to the base. This is a ski that feels like an extension of your own body on the ground, in the air, on soft snow or hard, and underneath the tram or way past the furthest backcountry gate. - $487.46