K2 Juvy Skis w/ Marker Fastrak2 7.0 Bindings - $240.95

The Juvy serves as a lightweight yet sturdy ski that can rip the whole mountain when spending time away from the park. Its All-Terrain Rocker and 75mm footprint works with a cap construction to accommodate junior park skiers on their rise to the top.Key Features of the K2 Juvy Skis with Marker Fastrak2 7.0 Bindings: Dimensions: 102/ 75/ 96 All-Terain Rocker Tip/ Tail All Mountain: 60%/ Park: 40% Radius: 12m@139cm Cap Aspen Core FASTRAK2 7.0 BINDING: Entry-level Junior binding for skiers 53-165 lbs. DIN: 2-7. - $240.95