K2 Iron Maiden Revival Skis - $447.95

Iconic rock band Iron Maiden and K2 Skis will shred metal and snow together this winter with the late release of the K2 Iron Maiden Limited Edition Ski. Only a limited amount of these unique skis will be made available through select ski retailers during the 2011 winter season. If the graphic is not enough to get you screaming down the hill, the ski is built for maximum performance on the new Revival chassis, a 90 mm underfoot platform for all-mountain and park slayers.Key Features of the K2 Iron Maiden Revival Skis: ABSorb Sidewall technology Custom Iron Maiden Rivets Performance: All-mountain: 50% Park: 50% Sizes: 159, 169, 179 Radius: 20m @ 179 Construction: Twin Tech top with vertical ABSorb Sidewalls Core: Fir, Aspen - $447.95