K2 Indy Skis w/ Fastrack 2 7.0 Bindings - Kid's - $149.95

Built with Catch Free Rocker The Indy is built for the junior skier that is just getting hooked on the sport. The ski's Catch-Free Rocker profile will hold firm through turns on hardpack, and its 70mm waist will keep the ski light and nimble. Featuring Noodle technology, the Indy will flex appropriately for your young one, allowing them to flex the ski just like their parents. Key Features of the K2 Indy Skis w/ Fastrack 2 7.0 Bindings: PERFORMANCE: Groomed: 80%, Ungroomed: 20% Cap Torsion Box/PU Composite RADIUS: 8m @ 112/ Directional Taper - $149.95