K2 HellBent Ski - $599.96

K2 made the HellBent Ski with pure evilend of story. Ok, we'll admit that there's a freakish dose of width at the waist (132mm to be exact), the most aggressive tip and tail rocker in any K2 ski, and a fir and aspen core that flexes with powerful, yet buttery goodness ... but mostly this ski is just pure, unadulterated evil. It's a fiend for the bottomless feeling of 40-inch storms, the weightless feeling after airing a hand-carved booter, and the butterflies-in-your-stomach sensation of maching switch through blower powder. And should you and your hound of hell run into the nuisance of chopped up and tracked out slopes, there's a touch of traditional camber underfoot to balance out the rocker-happy shape. Can we get a 'hell yeah''! - $599.96