K2 HardSide Skis - Men's - 2012/2013 - $699.95

Head to the backside of the mountain with the K2 HardSide skis and enjoy all conditions, from firm snow and variable terrain to pure fluffy powder. Perfect for the days when the sky opens up and dumps fresh powder, these skis will also work well when you're hiking for your turns. K2 recommends using the HardSide skis for 60% powder snow and 40% variable snow. Extremely lightweight aspen-and-paulownia wood core produces a natural flex, allowing the ski to achieve full contact with the snow throughout the turn. Metal laminate construction alternates layers of fiberglass and titanium above and below the wood core to provide vibration damping and powerful responsiveness. All-Terrain Rocker initiates turns easily and offers agile performance, and normally cambered tails increase speed in powder and enhance maneuverability. Progressive sidecut has different curve shapes along different parts of the ski-more aggressive in the tip, less aggressive in the tail. The progressive sidecut results in confident, quick turn initiation and easy release in crud and powder. Powder tip places the widest point of the ski further back than on other K2 skis, resulting in predictable performance in variable backcountry conditions. Hybridtech sidewalls blend the performance characteristics of sidewalls with the forgiving flex of cap construction in the tip and tail. Hybridtech offers responsiveness and power underfoot and maintains smooth initiation and easy exits from turns. Includes tip and tail holes that facilitate attaching skins (sold separately) and building rescue sleds; remove plugs from skis with a flathead screwdriver. Flat tails make it easy to set a ski anchor, and notches in tails help skin clips stay centered. Requires bindings with wide brakes. Base or topsheet color may vary from online photo. - $699.95