K2 Domain Skis - $314.95

Built with the true park skier in mind, the Domain is a stable ski with the ability to butter, surface swap, ollie or nollie with no effort. Its Jib Rocker and park-specific flex pattern softens the tips and tails for smoothing out quick trany's while remaining torsionally rigid underfoot for total confidence on 50 foot park tables or icy hardpack. If you like finding hidden features in an urban setting or manualing between rails in the park, this ski will make you the master of your domain. Key Features of the K2 Domain Skis: Dimensions: 115/90/115 Jib Rocker Tip/Tail All Mountain: 20% Park: 80% Radius: 21m@ 179cm Twin Tech Sidewall Triaxial Braid Aspen Core Symmetrical Sidecut Park Specific Flex Pattern Rivets - $314.95