K2 Disorderly Skis - $251.95

Up until recently, our twin tips were designed to make different arcs while skiing forward or switch, but the Disorderly challenges conventional twin tip design. This ski is built with a symmetrical sidecut allowing the ski to make a consistent turn regardless of direction. Combined with a center-only mounting position, this ski comes with a more balanced feel in the air, sliding rails, or riding transitions in the pipe regardless of direction. Its non-directional construction and topsheet design allows you to mount the skis in either direction you want to. We''ve also added layers of carbon stringers to maximize your ollies.Key Features of the K2 Disorderly Skis: Triaxial Braiding Tip/Tail Rivets Construction: Vertical ABS Sidewall Core: FirDimensions: 109 / 85 /109 Radius: 12mm Taper: Symmetrical - $251.95