K2 Disorderly Skis - $330.95

The jib sticks for the pure park skier. Designed with a park specific core profile and center only mounting position, this ski has balanced and light swingweight off booters, spinning on and off rails, or riding transitions regardless of direction. Its symmetrical sidecut keeps your riding style smooth wtth consistent arcs whiel its even flex allows you to look into presses and butters like never before. Get after it.Key Features of the K2 Disorderly Skis: Ungroomed: 10% / Groomed: 90% Full twin tip Vertical ABS Sidewall Construction Fir Core Tip and Tail Rivets Triaxial Braiding Sidecut: 26m @ 179cm Radius:26m @ 179 Dimensions: 179cm/ 109/85/109 - $330.95