K2 Cinch CTS Snowboard Bindings - Men's - 2011 Closeout - $167.93

K2 Cinch CTS snowboard bindings offer simple and fast operation to get you on the chair and to the goods fast! Cinch CTS bindings feature canted footbeds and Harshmellow shock pads for an unimaginably comfortable, supportive and natural ride. C2 chassis with aluminum heel cups are super lightweight and offer full flex mobility and precise boot-to-binding fit. Canted footbeds have an inward angle that supports a natural stance, improves control and reduces fatigue. Harshmellow padding in the heels and toes absorbs chatter and sucks up sudden impact from flat landings and rough terrain. Tool-free power ramps adjust toe-side response. Cinch Technology: in unison, the highbacks fold back and the ankle straps lift up, allowing the system to open for quick, easy entry and exit without compromising a snug fit. Another advantage is that your hands stay warm and your backside stays dry! Padded Asym highbacks match your natural stance and provide heel-side response and smooth side-to-side flex; tool-free forward lean adjustment. Caddi ankle straps feature a contoured 3D shape for free-flexing mobility and durable EVA padding for a cushioned fit; tool-free centering adjustment. Cored Cinch toe straps save weight and provide a super-snug fit over the toes of your boots; easy, tool-free centering adjustment. Micro-adjustable ratchets feature a comfortable, ergonomic design with a molded grip; lift release ensures speedy exit. Closeout. - $167.93