K2 Bright Lite Snowboard 138 - $251.95

The 2012-2013 K2 Bright Lite is shining out for all-mountain women riders seeking smooth, easy style and fun. With the proven performance of K2's Rhythm core, All Terrain Rocker Baseline and a playful flex, the Bright Lite is ideal for the woman looking to progress to the next level.Key Features of the K2 Bright Lite Snowboard: All Terrain Rocker Hybritaper Rhythm Core Baseline: All Terrain Rocker Tweakend Damping: Standard Construction: Hybritaper Shape: Twin Hyper Progressive Stance:3/4" Setback (19mm) Core: Rhythm Core Additives: Standard Glass: Biax / Biax Base: 2000 Extruded Base Bevel: 3 degree - $251.95