K2 Backup Skis - $239.95

The down isn't the only focus for this skier. Equally suitable as a resort telemark ski or a high performance ski mountaineering tool, the BackUp's lightweight core offers a tireless ascent, while the two sheets of metal provide exceptional edge hold, and a damp, supple feel unmatched in lightweight skis. Whether descending frozen corn or skinning on hard, bony conditions, this is a ski you can depend on.Key Features of The K2 Backup Skis 174cm: Performance: Soft Snow 40% Variable Snow 60% Sizes: 160, 167, 174, 181 Radius: 19m@174 Construction: Metal Laminate Cap Core: Aspen/Paulownia/Bamboo Weight: 1625g@ 174 16/14 Progessive Sidecut Powder Tip Tip and Tail Attachment Holes Flat/Notched Tail - $239.95