K2 Anagram Snowboard - 2010/2011 - $159.83

The K2 Anagram snowboard is designed with progression in mind. No board is better suited to take riders of any level from zero to hero-all while respecting the bank account. Catch-Free rocker makes turn initiation effortless by bringing the contact points out of the snow so turns happen before the edge bites; camber is 95% flat with 5% rocker. Catch-Free rocker results in more confidence throughout the learning curve and unlocks faster progression on all terrain. Directional twin shape provides plenty of overall float and control, offering a balanced ride that's equally versatile ridden regular or switch. Dual Progressive sidecut and centered stance offer precise response and easy maneuverability. Hybritech construction takes a cap tip and tail and blends it into the sidewalls along the running surface for low swing weight, optimized turn initiation and durability. Pure wood core has plenty of flex, durability and snap for riders looking to challenge themselves and go to the next level. Top pre-cured biaxial fiberglass laminate is impregnated and cured hard prior to pressing the board, making it hard, strong, lively, and snappy. Extruded base offers a durable, fast and easy-to-tune surface that is ready to ride from day one. . - $159.83