K2 A.M.P. Stinger Skis w/ Marker M2 10.0 Bindings - $291.95

Scheduled for their second major tour this winter, A.M.P. set the industry on fire last year with hit new releases like Aftershock and Rictor, as well as Rockering out the entire All Mountain album. Nev- er before has a rock brand made such a statement, and thanks to the technical innovation of Baseline profiles, the hits will just keep on coming for A.M.P this season.A nimble ski with Catch-Free Rocker, the Stinger will have you darting around the mountain with confidence. The Stinger makes it easy to initiate and link turns, while its lightweight construction will leave you with enough energy to ski all day. A great first ski for beginner to intermediate skiers at an affordable price. The Marker K2/M2 system's sleek design is graphically integrated into the look of the A.M.P.Series skis. Key Features of the K2 A.M.P. Stinger Skis w/ M2 10.0 Bindings: Built with Catch-free rocker Glass web MOD Technology PERFORMANCE: Groomed: 80%, Ungroomed: 20% CONSTRUCTION: Torsion Box / PU Cap, Composite Core RADIUS: 16m @ 177 BINDING OPTIONS: Marker K2 / M2 10.0 Tip/Waist/Tail Width: 119/72/103 - $291.95