K2 A.M.P. Rictor Skis with Bindings - Men's - 2012/2013 - $899.95

Nimble and responsive underfoot, the K2 A.M.P. Rictor skis with bindings excel in all conditions. K2 recommends using the K2 A.M.P. Rictor skis with bindings for 50% groomed and 50% ungroomed skiing. Aspen-and-paulownia wood core is inherently strong and durable, and it produces a smooth, natural flex. Metal laminate construction alternates layers of fiberglass and titanal above and below the wood core to provide vibration damping and powerful responsiveness. Shock-absorbent secondary core works as a high-performance damping system, and a precisely placed zinc insert helps further reduce unwanted vibrations. All-Terrain Rocker initiates turns easily and offers agile performance, and normal camber underfoot offers responsive power and tenacious edge hold on firm snow. Progressive sidecut has different curve shapes along different parts of the ski-more aggressive in the tip, less aggressive in the tail. The progressive sidecut results in confident, quick turn initiation in hard snow and easy release in crud and powder. Hybritech sidewalls blend the performance characteristics of sidewalls with the forgiving flex of cap construction in the tip and tail. Hybritech offers responsiveness and power underfoot and maintains smooth initiation and easy exits from turns. Marker K2/MX 12.0 integrated binding system transfers power directly to the ski for unmatched precision and control during aggressive descents. Lightweight Marker Inter-Pivot heel acts over a wide surface area, transferring power directly to ski's edges for excellent carving performance. Embedded hubs in the core of the ski are 50mm apart, decreasing the distance between the binding and ski edge to enhance performance. Lightweight toepiece offers excellent contact with boots for today's wide skis, and a short profile enhances flex and backward release. - $899.95