K2 A.M.P. Force Skis w/ Marker M2 10.0 Q Bindings - $297.95

The 2010-11 A.M.P. Force features Catch-Free Rocker technology, which enables the ski to become more maneuverable in and out of the turn but solid and powerful in the middle of the turn for added confidence and control. Geared towards newer or advancing skiers, the additional ease and forgiveness offered by this profile design makes learning to ski easier than ever. The K2 Force is also built with a lightweight composite core that adds to the maneuverability of the ski with a forgiving flex profile focused on ease and fun.Key Features of the K2 A.M.P. Force Skis w/ M2 10.0 Q Bindings: Performance: Groomed, 70%; Ungroomed, 30% Sizes: 149, 156, 163, 170, 177 Radius: 14m@170 Construction: Torsion Box Cap Core: Composite - $297.95