Realtree Road Trips 5 And 6, 6 And 7 Dvd Combos - $18.88

Jump in and hang on as Michael Waddell tours the countryside in Realtree Road Trips 5, layin' the smackdown from Florida to Montana, with stops in Arizona and Colorado. He meets up with Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert and Rock 'n Roll legend Ted Nugent for exciting hunts in Texas. Michael fulfills a lifetime dream by taking his dad to New Mexico on his first ever elk hunt. Realtree Road Trips 6 is a different kind of hunting video that features plenty of action. Winner of the Outdoor Channel's Best Show Series in 2007, Road Trips 6 is a collection of eight exciting episodes. Realtree Road Trips 7 lets you ride along with Michael and his big-game hunting posse as they tour the continent in search of jaw-dropping trophies There's plenty of hunting action and loads of good times in every episode.Available:Realtree Road Trips 5 and 6 Combo Over 380 minutes of hunting suspense. DVD.Realtree Road Trips 6 and 7 Combo Over 300 minutes of exciting hunts. DVD. - $18.88