Julbo Sherpa Sunglasses - $64.95

The Julbo Sherpa Sunglasses Are mountaineering sunglasses for eye protection High up on the mountains. Classic styling with leather side shields, your peripheral vision won't be damaged while the front lenses work as little windows to view beautiful horizons from High points. Stay-put temples Are curved and won't become a bother under hat or helmet. Not only Are the lenses shatter-resistant in case some ice or rock comes your way, but the price on these babies Aren't so bad on the wallet. Features of the Julbo Sherpa Sunglasses Total Cover: Maximum protection in extreme conditions against harsh sunlight Leather Side Shields: Symbol of glacier sunglasses, leather covers protect generations of mountain enthusiasts Curved Wrapping Temples: Temples shaped and cut for better hold with sharp and repeated movements - $64.95