Julbo Explorer Sunglasses - $124.95

The Julbo Explorer Sunglasses Are mountaineering sunglasses for eye protection in the High altitude. The brave mountaineers heading to High camp and pushing for summit require a special sort of eye cAre, as you're so much more susceptible to the harmful sun rays, glAre and reflection. Available in three types of lenses, all Are capable of providing the protection you need to keep your eyeballs safe. The close-Fitting frame vent through the front and feature removable wings so you can adjust your protection as well as a removable strap. The 360Adeg adjustable temples allow you to dial in the Fit, whether you're putting 'em on under a beanie, helmet, or just alone. They're also grippy so they stay put, but not too sticky, so they won't grab onto your hairs. Heads up, folks! The Spectron 4 and Alti Arc 4 lens versions Are not suitable for driving. So dark. Features of the Julbo Explorer Sunglasses Total Cover Shape: Maximum protection in extreme conditions against harsh sunlight Removable Side Shields: Lateral protection against harsh sunlight 360Adeg Adjustable Temples: Stem ends bend in every direction, easy to wear and good hold when worn with helmet, beanie or simply alone Grip Tech: Soft comfort exclusive material on the temples that doesn't stick to hair, giving perfect hold and comfort Front Venting: Natural front air flow thanks to the lens shape or mounting structure Adjustable Cord - $124.95