JP Australia Wide Body SUP Paddleboard So' Top 9' 9" - $912.95

The versatility of our Wide Body SUPs will make them popular must-have items for water sports enthusiasts of all ages around the world. They are perfect for a social paddle with family and friends on rivers and lakes and for exciting sessions on the ocean. These boards are usable for every member of the family. Take your kids, your partner or even the dog for a cruise on flat water, or find some waves and exercise your first rides. Being 81cm or 32 inches wide makes them super stable platforms. Both boards are also great beginner and cruiser windsurf boards. 10'9" x 32": Big and stable enough for anybody. A perfect family toy! Great SUP and windsurf beginner board as well as a fun board for the advanced SUPer and Windsurfer. The increased length and volume offer extra stability and allows you to experience that planing sensation as soon as the wind picks up. It works perfect for flatwater paddling or a rookie windsurf session in flat water as well as in small waves for SUPing and windsurfing. If you want a board for the whole family or simply something big - this is the one.Key Features of the JP Australia Wide Body SUP So' Top 9' 9": Length: 9'9in/297cm Width: 32in/81cm Volume: 157Lt Weight: 28.2lbs/12.8Kg Fin: Stand Up 8.0" Side Fin: 2xthruster M5 4.6" Shaper: W. Gnigler - $912.95