JP Australia Wide Body AST SUP 10ft x 33.5in - $1,059.00

Novice SUP riders who have the urge of getting in the waves quickly pick the 10’0″. It is short and due to its 33,5″ width, it is super stable. Instant fun and improvement is guaranteed. The short length makes it easy to catch waves and even steep beach breaks are fun to ride. You never ever fall off this one in flat water. The stability the board provides makes it a perfect family toy for every family member.Key Features of the JP Australia Wide Body AST SUP 10ft x 33.5in: AST – AST technology Length(cm): 306 Width (cm): 85.5 Volume: 179L Weight (kg): 12.2 Fins: Stand Up 9.0" (US) Shaper: Werner Gnigler - $1,059.00