JP Australia Allround AST SUP Paddleboard 11ft 2in x 30in - $1,094.95

The Allround family is growing. Their huge range of use and success on the market has made us develop a board that closes the gap between the 11'8in and 10'8in. Design features of the other sizes have been merged into one great all-rounder. The length in combination with 30in width guarantees stability and directional traction whilst paddling in a straight line. The smooth bottom curve provides good glide and, in combination with the increasing tail kick, easy turning for wave action. A great shape that suits all riding styles in most conditions.Key Features of the JP Australia Allround AST SUP 11ft 2in x 30in: AST - AST technology UNLIMITED RANGE OF USE The range of use of those longboard style SUPs is simply amazing. They work great for SUP beginners, flat water cruisers, first time wave SUPers and for wave experts. They are super easy to ride and turn, surprisingly fast and work in pretty much any condition. Length(cm): 340 Width (cm): 76 Volume: 170L Weight (kg): 12 Fins: Stand Up 9.0" (US) Shaper: Werner Gnigler - $1,094.95