Johnny Stewart Operation Predator DVDs - $7.88

World coyote-calling champions Al Morris and Garvin Young, along with predator-hunting legends Steve Criner, Gerald Steward and others, bring predators into their stands for up-close, in-your-face hunts. Available: Operation Predator 9 Thrilling predator hunts across the country featuring World Predator-Calling Champion Steve Criner as well as many other pros. 120 minutes. Operation Predator 10 Hunters Specialties Field Staffers Brad Biddle and Josh Cloyd join in on the exciting hunts to bring you 20 kills, plus bonus features such as trapping tips and educational spotlights. 120 minutes. Operation Predator 11 Follow the Hunters Specialties Pro Staff from Upper Michigan to South Texas calling in coyotes, bobcats, raccoons and some of the countrys largest free-range hogs. Includes a special section on trapping. 120 minutes. - $7.88