Johnny Stewart Attractor Calls - $49.99

Each handheld caller features five, preprogrammed 16-bit sounds. The 30-second sounds are produced by a 180 pivoting speaker controlled by a remote. Comes with remote holster, belt clip and loop for hanging speaker in trees. Base unit uses 4 AA batteries (included). Wireless remote transmits out to 50 yards and uses a 12-volt, A23 battery (included). Available:Predator 1 - baby bird distress, high cottontail, puppy distress, rat distress and woodpecker distressPredator 2 - cottontail distress, coyote howl, coyote pup distress, fawn distress and jack vittlesTurkey 1 - Cluck and purr, excited hen yelp, soft hen yelp and locator gobblerDeer 1 - Buck grunt, doe bleat, estrous bleat, rattling and snort wheeze Type: Electronic Game Calls. Type: Electronic Game Calls. Predator 1. - $49.99