Jo-Jan Multi Fletcher - Gray - $119.99

The Multi-Fletcher is the ultimate tool for competition shooters who need to build custom creations but don't have a lot of time to spend. A heavy-duty aluminum jig holds six clamps for gluing vanes or feathers in your choice of three positions - right- or left-helical or straight. This unit is capable of adjustments for 3- or 4-fletch configurations. The straight model adjusts up to 2 for right or left offset placement with 120 spacing. Right- and left-helical models allow up to an 11 helix on each vane/feather with 75-105 spacing. Includes: Six clamps and Six reversible nock receivers. Model: Straight Fletch, Right Helical, Left Helical, Straight Cock Feather Down. Color: Gray. Type: Fletching Jigs. - $119.99