JB Lures Tungsten Weevil Jig - BLUE/GLOW (SIZE 12 HOOK) - $2.49

Small, heavy tungsten jigs get down fast. Low-profile, big-eye, wedge design catches the attention of fish. Super-sharp, black nickel hooks ensure a good hookset. Hand painted with UV-reflective paint. Per each.Sizes: 2/35 oz., No. 6 hook 2/35 oz., No. 8 hook 2/35 oz., No. 10 hook 1/47 oz., No. 12 hook Colors: (001)Chartreuse/Glow, (002)Pink/Glow, (003)Blue/Glow, (004)Firetiger, (005)Neon Yellow, (006)Neon Red. Type: Jigging Lures. Size Size 12 Hook. Color Blue/Glow. - $2.49