Jaipur Avenue Chai Tea Mix - 15 Bags - $12.00

Enjoy a steaming cup of chai tea anytime, anywhere with the all-natural Jaipur Avenue chai tea mix. Original Masala flavor includes spicy notes, soothing aromas and velvet textures. Variety pack includes Cardamom tea, Saffron tea and Original Masala tea. Cardamom flavor has woodsy undertones, a refreshing aroma and a natural sweetness. Saffron flavor includes sensuous notes, a floral fragrance and a touch of sweetness. Empty contents of packet into a mug, add 2 fl. oz. of hot water and stir until contents dissolve; add 6 fl. oz. more hot water, stir and enjoy. Each box of Jaipur Avenue chai tea mix contains 15 individually packed servings. - $12.00